Why Recycle

Three quarters of what some may see as trash can be repurposed, and at Wichita Falls Recycling, we’re committed to bettering our community by keeping those materials out of landfills.

Scrap metal is an $86 billion industry in the United States. Everything from cans to old railroad ties can become new goods and services. The steel industry’s largest source of material is now scrap metal.

The community benefits of scrap recycling can be far reaching. Recycling old farm equipment can keep metals from leeching harmful chemicals into underground aquifers. Scrapping metals from old buildings can enhance the aesthetics of our cities, while providing the materials needed to keep our economy moving.

More than 100 million tin and steel cans are used in the United States every day, and only 30 percent of them are recycled. By making a commitment to responsible green practices, Wichita Falls Recycling hopes to help assure more materials are repurposed into tomorrow’s goods.